Company | Deep Blue Capital

Sector: Trading

Who are we?

We are a highly automated proprietary trading firm specialized in statistical arbitrage that only trades with its own capital. We continue to grow strongly as we invest in new markets and trading strategies. The firm operates out of Amsterdam and is mid-sized. We strongly believe in coupling human creativity with automation. If something can be done by a computer than we think it should be done by a computer. Humans provide creativity, do research, implement automation and interpret news.

Work for us

What we offer
· Being part of an ambitious young team in a company that is going places
· On the job training
· Opportunities for development and advancement
· We encourage individual creative contributions and ideas
· Excellent remuneration package

Job openings
· Graduate Intern
Junior Quantitative Trading Developer
Junior Market Data Expert

What are we going to do at the Beroependagen?

The presentation will give insight on who we are and what our trading philosophy is. You will find out what markets we trade, what types of strategies we use and how me make money trading stocks using our own capital. We will talk about what a typical day looks like for us. The working atmosphere and the flat structure of the company will be discussed. As well as what we look for in applicants and what skills and traits we value most. Of course you will get the opportunity to ask questions.

Participating programs