The Business Orientation Days is an annual event organized jointly by the Financial Study association Amsterdam (FSA) and the Association of Students Actuarial Sciences and Econometrics (VSAE). Here you can read some more information about the event itself, the location and the committee that organizes this event.

Both student associations are the largest of their kind and leading in their field. The FSA represent (financial) students from both the University of Amsterdam and the Vrije University of Amsterdam, while the VSAE is the faculty association for econometric students at the University of Amsterdam.

The compostion of the Business Orientation Days committee 2021:

From left to right:
Stein Bijvoet (Acquisition, FSA) // Anne Nummerdor (Coordinator Board FSA) // June Holman (Chairman, FSA) // Niek Put (Secretary, FSA) // Daniek Luesink (Acquisition, FSA) // Pepyn van Haaften (Coordinator Board VSAE) // Désirée Rashedy (Acquisition, VSAE) // Carlo Barendse (Treasurer, VSEA) // Hidde Van Rheenen (Marketing, VSAE)


The VSAE is the study association for all students in Actuarial Science and Economerics at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). Actuarial Science: pension and insurance mathematics. Econometrics: quantifying economic relations by mathematical models.

With over 1200 members, of which more than 600 in their thirth year or higher. The VSAE has blossomed into a professional study association with a wide range of different study related activities and projects. Due to the great diversity of the quantitative economic specializations mentioned above, the VSAE is able to offer students a diverse range of events and projects. The VSAE is active on a wide variety of fields such as: publications, conferences, career-events, study trips, personal development and tutoring. The VSAE aims to continuously develop and improve her projects and activities. These projects are categorized into four pillars: Study, Career, Analytics Academy and Social.

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The FSA wants you to meet your future employer. We support students in making the step from university to the labor market. The FSA informs students about job opportunities via various online channels, but primarily and more importantly we facilitate face to face contact between students and employers. The FSA hosts a total of 20 events for its students. We focus our services on students with an affinity for finance, business, accountancy, consultancy or economics.

In order to make this interaction as valuable as possible for the two parties involved, we cater mainly to students who are finalizing their Bachelor or enrolled in a Master’s program. Through their FSA membership, students are able to participate in our projects and stay informed about the career opportunities that our corporate partners have to offer. Additionally, members can further their engagement and gain more experience by joining a committee or pursuing a board function.

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